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Part of "D.A.": Abbr. (3 letter answer)

The Answer




The answer ATT is seen frequently, appearing about once every 80 puzzles.

Related Clues

The d.a.
A.B.A. member
An A.B.A. member
Abbr. on an envelope
Business abbr.
Call letters?
Court fig.
G.T.E. rival
Holder of an LL.B.
J.D. holder
Lawyer: Abbr.
Leg. eagle
Legal pers.
LL.B. holder
Person with a J.D.
Bailey or Belli: Abbr.
Bar member: Abbr.
Blue-chip symbol
Brief writer, in brief
Case builder: Abbr.
Court figure: Abbr.
Justice Dept. employee
"L.A. Law" character
Long-distance inits.
Long-distance letters
N.F.L. passing stat.
Old Siamese coin
Sidebar requester: Abbr.
Stock page listing
Big inits. in long distance
Bygone N.Y.S.E. ticker symbol
A. G. Bell's giant offspring
Part of a 2005 SBC merger
Letters in a long-distance company's number
Part of an 800 collect call number
Part of a popular collect call number
One who's into the bar scene?: Abbr.