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"Play it, ___" (3 letter answer)

The Answer




The answer SAM is seen frequently, appearing about once every 70 puzzles.

Related Clues

___ Hill
Uncl ___
Uncle ___
Antiaircraft missile
___ Browne belt
"Casablanca" pianist
"Casablanca" role
Celebrated uncle
"Cheers" role
Ervin or Houston
"Gunsmoke" bartender
Houston or Adams
Houston or Donaldson
Houston or Hill
Houston or Snead
Levene or Levenson
Newsman Donaldson
Rayburn or Houston
Spade or Browne
Spade or Levenson
Uncle for Americans
Uncle of note
U.S. missile
Actor-director Wanamaker
Film producer Spiegel
Marryin' ___ of "Li'l Abner"
Merrie Melodies sheepdog
Nonexistent Mr. Hill
Penrod's pal, in "Penrod"
Rick Blaine's pianist
Soul singer Cooke
Texas patriot Houston
TV newsman Donaldson
"Uncle ___ wants you"
1950s-'70s senator Ervin
"Dick Tracy" character Catchem
Dooley played him in 1941
Maker of extra-long trousers
Man in a star-spangled suit
Player of "As Time Goes By," in film
Half of a 1960s R & B duo
He made the pants too long
Tom Hanks's "Sleepless in Seattle" role


SAM as a noun:

1. (surface-to-air missile, SAM) = a guided missile fired from land or shipboard against an airborne target