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Reaction of surprise or dismay (4 letter answer)

The Answer




The answer OHNO is seen frequently, appearing about once every 130 puzzles.

Related Clues

Cousin of "whoops!"
Cry of despair
Cry of dread
Cry of horror
"Decidedly not!"
"Heaven forbid!"
"Not again!"
"That's awful!"
"What, again?!"
"What a calamity!"
"What a mistake!"
"What a shame!"
Words of despair
Words of disappointment
Words of disbelief
Words of dismay
Words of worry
Cry before disaster
Cry of shocked disbelief
"Don't tell me!"
"It can't be!"
Reaction to bad news
"That's so sad!"
"This can't be!"
"This looks bad!"
Worrying words from a driver
Cry made with a head-slap
"I didn't mean to do that!"
"Say it ain't so!"
"Say it isn't so!"
"Whatever shall we do?!"
"You gotta be kidding!"