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Reno token (4 letter answer)

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The answer CHIP is common and appears about once every 200 puzzles.

Related Clues

A Carter
One of the Carters
___ in (contribute)
Antique damage
Approach shot
Bicuspid nick
Block fragment
Block part
Blue or poker
One of Carter's sons
Casino item
China problem
Circuitry site
Computer component
Cookie ingredient
Diamond fragment
Electronic device
French fry
Golf shot
Golf stroke
Guacamole support
Integrated circuit
Intel product
Minimum wager
Pentium product
Poker or potato
Pot ingredient
Pot item
Problem for a dentist
Shot to the green
Shoulder item
Amy's big brother
Approach shot at Doral
Drop in the Vegas bucket
Item purchased at Reno
Mighty mite in a computer
Word with potato or chocolate
One may follow a long drive
Part of a poker player's pile
Use a No. 8 iron