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Sailors' patron saint (4 letter answer)

The Answer




The answer ELMO is seen frequently, appearing about once every 80 puzzles.

Related Clues

One of the Muppets
Adm. Zumwalt
Admiral Zumwalt
Author Wortman
"Blondie" boy
"Blondie" character
Lincoln or Roper
Pollster Roper
Red Muppet
Roper or Zumwalt
Sailors' patron
Sailor's saint
Sailors' saint
A Sesame Streeter
Tars' patron
Tickle Me ___
Ticklish muppet
Fad doll, once
Giggler of Sesame Street
Interrupter of Dagwood's naps
Movie Tarzan ___ incoln
Napoli's Castel Sant'___
Sailor's patron saint
Saint associated with fire
Saint Peter González
"Tickle-me" character
"Tickle Me" doll
Ticklish doll guy
"Tickle Me" toy
Early film Tarzan, ___ Lincoln
Red-haired PBS star
Red resident of Sesame Street
Red "Sesame Street" character
Zoe's friend, on "Sesame Street"