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Sch. that publishes the Daily Bruin (4 letter answer)

The Answer




The answer UCLA is seen frequently, appearing about once every 90 puzzles.

Related Clues

Bruins' home
Bruins of the N.C.A.A.
The Bruins of the N.C.A.A.
Bruins' sch.
Calif. campus
Rival of U.S.C.
U.S.C. rival
U.S.C.'s rival
Western campus
Western inst.
Western univ.
Bruins of the Pac 10
The Bruins of the Pac Ten
Daily Bruin sch.
Drake Stadium site
Home of coll. Bruins
Jabbar's alma mater
Kareem's alma mater
Pac-10 competitor
Pac 10 member
Pac 10 sch.
Pac 10 school
Pac 10 team
Pac-10 team
Pac-12 team
Pac Ten team
1995 N.C.A.A. basketball champs
Abdul-Jabbar is one of its grads
Abdul-Jabbar's alma mater
Home of Pauley Pavilion: Abbr.
Rose Bowl champs: 1986
Sch. near Beverly Hills
"True blue" and gold team
Where John Wooden coached
11-time N.C.A.A. basketball champs
Its fight song is "The Mighty Bruins"
Sch. where John Wooden coached