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The answer PINTO is common and appears about once every 250 puzzles.

Related Clues

Scout, for one
1970s subcompact
Calico pony
Ford of old
Infamous Ford
Kidney bean
Kin of a muSTANg
Kind of bean
Mottled bean
Mottled horse
Mottled mount
Old Ford
Paint's cousin
Piebald horse
Piebald or skewbald
Pied pony
Pony or bean
Skewbald's relative
Spotted equine
Spotted horse
Spotted pony
Tex's mount
Tonto's Scout, for one
Varicolored horse
Western horse
Former Ford subcompact
Horse with a patchy coat
It's spotted in westerns
Kind of kidney bean
Not solid-colored
Two-color horse
It goes without gas
Old car with ignition trouble?
Old Ford model named for a horse


PINTO as a noun:

1. a spotted or calico horse or pony