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Threw out, as a runner (6 letter answer)

The Answer




The answer NAILED is uncommon, appearing about once every 575 puzzles.

Related Clues

Caught in the act
Denial anagram
Did carpentry
Did perfectly
Drove tenpennies
Fastened with brads
Out at the plate
Busted but good
Caught but good
Caught red-handed
Did carpentry work
___ down (made final)
___ down (settled definitely)
Hit dead-center
Nabbed off base


NAIL as a verb:

1. attach something somewhere by means of nails; "nail the board onto the wall"
2. (collar, nail, apprehend, arrest, pick up, nab, cop) = take into custody; "the police nabbed the suspected criminals"
3. (smash, nail, boom, blast) = hit hard; "He smashed a 3-run homer"
4. (nail down, nail, peg) = succeed in obtaining a position; "He nailed down a spot at Harvard"
5. (breeze through, ace, pass with flying colors, sweep through, sail through, nail) = succeed at easily; "She sailed through her exams"; "You will pass with flying colors"; "She nailed her astrophysics course"
6. (pinpoint, nail) = locate exactly; "can you pinpoint the position of the enemy?"; "The chemists could not nail the identity of the chromosome"
7. (complete, nail) = complete a pass