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To be in Paris? (4 letter answer)

The Answer




The answer ETRE is very common and appears about once every 36 puzzles.

Related Clues

Avignon infinitive
To be, to Baptiste
To be, to Baudelaire
To be, to Béatrice
To be, to Bernadete
To be, to Bernadette
To be, in Brest
To be: Fr.
To be in France?
To be, at the Louvre
To be, in Orléans
To be overseas
To be, in Paris
To be, in Québec
To be, in Toulon
Being abroad
Being, in Biarritz
Being, in Brest
Being: Fr.
Being, in Vienne
Infinitive with a circumflex
Infinitive in Finistère
Peut-___ (perhaps)
Pierre's being
Raison d' ___
Raison d'___
Basic French verb
Common French verb
Common French word
French 101 verb
French auxiliary verb
French I verb
"Fûmes" is a form of it
Peut-___ (maybe, in France)
To be, in old New Orleans