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"Ulalume," e.g. (4 letter answer)

The Answer




The answer POEM is seen frequently, appearing about once every 180 puzzles.

Related Clues

"Jabberwocky," for one
"Lamia" is one
Tone ___
Auden offering
Bard's product
Burns writing
Cowper creation
Field work
Frost lines
Gray lines
Haiku, e.g.
H.D. offering
Idyl or sonnet
Keats output
Lay, e.g.
Limerick, e.g.
Limerick or sonnet
Ode, e.g.
Ode or sonnet
"Patterns" or "Birches"
Pentastich, e.g.
Plath gem
Pound piece
Rhapsody, e.g.
Rhymer's opus
Rondel, e.g.
Rondelet or roundel
Skald's opus
Something to scan
Sonnet, e.g.
"Thanatopsis," e.g.
Wilbur product
Wilbur work
Work with feet
Fancy foot work?
James Merrill product
Meter man's offering
Ninth word of "Trees"
Feature of many a sympathy card
Greeting card feature, often
Hallmark card text, often
It has feet in a line
It has many feet
It may be measured by a meter


POEM as a noun:

1. (poem, verse form) = a composition written in metrical feet forming rhythmical lines