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Valletta's locale (5 letter answer)

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The answer MALTA is seen frequently, appearing about once every 190 puzzles.

Related Clues

Knights of ___
Gozo neighbor
Gozo's neighbor
Island of "Knights"
Knight spot?
Medit. island
Mediterranean island
Mediterranean isle
Mediterranean land
Mediterranean state
Melita, today
A neighbor of Sicily
Sicily's neighbor
Where Qormi is
Where Valletta is
Home of the Knights Hospitalers
Island near Sicily
Island of some knights
Island south of Sicily
Its capital is Valetta
Its capital is Valletta
It's north of Libya
Knights Hospitalers' land
Locale of 1989 summitry
Mediterranean cruise stop
Mediterranean island country
Mediterranean shipping center
Mediterranean tourist destination
___ millionaire (rich Vallettan?)
Valletta is its capital
Former NATO Mediterranean headquarters
Island country south of Sicily
It became independent on 9/21/64
Smallest member of the European Union
W.W. II's most-bombed island
1945 conference site for Roosevelt and Churchill
Where St. Paul was shipwrecked


MALTA as a noun:

1. (Malta, Republic of Malta) = a republic on the island of Malta in the Mediterranean; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1964
2. a strategically located island south of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea