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Verne's voyager (4 letter answer)

The Answer




The answer NEMO is seen frequently, appearing about once every 80 puzzles.

Related Clues

Captain ___
"Finding ___"
Captain of the Nautilus
Disney clownfish
Fictional captain
Nautilus captain
Nautilus skipper
Nobody, to Nero
Remote telecast
Verne captain
Verne character
Verne hero
Verne skipper
Verne's captain
Captain for many a league
Early comics name
Fish in a Disney film
Land capturer, in literature
"Little" comics boy
"The Mysterious Island" captain
Mysterious submarine captain
Nobody, in ancient Rome
Out-of-studio broadcast
Pixar title character
Remote broadcast, for short
Verne's reclusive captain
Verne's sub captain
Little ___ (early comic character)
"Little ___ in Slumberland" (early comic)
"Little ___ in Slumberland" (pioneering comic strip)