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Diamond figures (4 letter answer)

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The answer UMPS is common and appears about once every 225 puzzles.

Related Clues

Arbiters, for short
"Ball!" callers
Ballpark figures
Ballpark figures?
Base characters?
Base V.I.P.'s
Baseball V.I.P.'s
Callers of K's
Calls a game
Diamond experts
Diamond group
Diamond judges
Diamond officials
Diamond V.I.P.'s
Officials on a diamond
Plate watchers
Play callers
Refs' colleagues
Refs' cousins
Refs' kin
Strike callers
Tag callers?
Vest wearers
Bill Klem's colleagues
Callers of strikes and balls
Calls K's at the plate
Decision makers, for short
Diamond men, for short
Fenway Pk. judges
Officials behind batters
Ones near bases
Quartet on a baseball field
"Steee-rike!" callers
Stereotypically "blind" officials
They call K's
They cover the bases
Ones found near home
They cover all the bases
Officials who cry "Steee-rike!"
Officials who cry "Yer out!"
Pits turn into little arbiters
You might be safe with them


UMP as a noun:

1. (umpire, ump) = an official at a baseball game