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Direction to a cellist (4 letter answer)

The Answer




The answer ARCO is seen frequently, appearing about once every 170 puzzles.

Related Clues

Bow for Amati
With the bow, in music
With a bow, musically
With a bow, to Stern
With the bow, to a violinist
Bowed, in music
Bowed, to a violist
Cellist's direction
Direction for Perlman
Exxon alternative
It's a gas
Mobil rival
Not pizzicato
Sacramento arena
Sacramento's ___ Arena
Sacramento's ___ rena
Village in Idaho
___ Arena (Kings' home)
Big energy supplier
Big name in oil
Big oil company
BP sale of 2013
Instruction to play with the bow
Major oil corp.
U.S. gas chain
Big name in the oil biz
California-based oil giant
"Giovanna d'___" (Verdi opera)
West Coast gas brand
West Coast gas chain
Western U.S. gas brand
Western U.S. gas giant