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Nicholas and others: Abbr. (3 letter answer)

The Answer




The answer STS is seen frequently, appearing about once every 60 puzzles.

Related Clues

Ave. crossers
Blvd. crossers
Kin of aves.
Rds.' kin
Relatives of aves.
Thoroughfares: Abbr.
Thos. and Jas.
Ways: abbr.
34th, Elm, etc: Abbr.
42d and Wall
Ave. crossings, sometimes
N.Y.C.'s Bleecker and Canal
Bourbon and others: Abbr.
Canonized ones: Abbr.
City grid: Abbr.
City ways: Abbr.
Downing and others: Abbr.
Elm and Mulberry: Abbr.
Elm and Peachtree: Abbr.
Geo. and Thos., e.g.
G.P.S. data: Abbr.
Holy ones: Abbr.
Main, Elm, etc.: Abbr.
Map entries: Abbr.
Mark and Anthony: Abbr.
Most letters in D.C.
Municipal grid: Abbr.
Nov. 1 group
Parts of P.O. labels
Peter and Paul: Abbr.
Sesame and Baker: Abbr.
Wall and Broad: Abbr.
Ways around: Abbr.
City planning concerns: Abbr.
E, F and G in D.C.
Peter, Patrick and Paul: Abbr.
Peter, Paul and Mary: Abbr.
Some GPS lines: Abbr.