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Operatic offering (4 letter answer)

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The answer ARIA is very common and appears about once every 21 puzzles.

Related Clues

___ dacapo
"M'appari," for one
"Aïda" highlight
Battle strain?
___ da capo
Diva's delivery
Diva's moment
Diva's offering
Diva's song
Domingo specialty
"Dove sono" is one
"One Fine Day" is one
Melba specialty
Met highlight
Opera excerpt
Opera solo
Operatic melody
Operatic tune
Oratorio solo
Pavarotti piece
Pavarotti selection
"Rigoletto" feature
Scotto solo
Sills specialty
Sutherland forte
"Tosca" treat
Andrea Bocelli piece
"Jewel Song," e.g.
La Scala solo
Mozart's "Madamina," e.g.
Operatic show-stopper
Solo for Renata Scotto
Song for Marilyn Mims
Song for Shirley Love
"Un bel di" is one
"The Willow Song," e.g.
"Dite alla giovine," e.g.
It may bring on bravos
"Mi chiamano Mimi," e.g.
"Un Bel Di," e.g.
"Una voce poco fa" is one
What the fat lady sings?
It may be accompanied by an orchestra
Mozart's "Dalla sua pace," e.g.


ARIA as a noun:

1. an elaborate song for solo voice