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Run-D.M.C., e.g. (4 letter answer)

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The answer TRIO is seen frequently, appearing about once every 60 puzzles.

Related Clues

Cream, for example
Division of a march
Half a sextet
The Magi, e.g.
Minuet part
Music group
Musical combo
The Police, e.g.
Quartet minus one
Small combo
The Stooges, e.g.
The Stooges, for instance
The Supremes, e.g.
Andrews Sisters, e.g.
Backup singers, often
The Bee Gees, e.g.
Beethoven's "Archduke," e.g.
Chamber-music ensemble
Chamber-music piece
Charlie's Angels, e.g.
Cinema Stooges, e.g.
D'Artagnan's pals, e.g.
Dumas's musketeers, for example
Jazz combo, at times
Jazz group, often
The Jonas Brothers, e.g.
Lounge group, maybe
Quintet less duet
The Rover Boys, e.g.
Tinker, Evers, Chance
Tom, Dick and Harry
ZZ Top, musically
The Jimi Hendrix Experience, e.g.
Peter, Paul and Mary, e.g.
Pop music's TLC, e.g.
Rock music's Police, e.g.
Snap, Crackle and Pop, e.g.
Tom, Dick and Harry, e.g.
Wynken, Blynken and Nod, e.g.
The Fleetwoods, e.g., of 50's-60's pop
Rap's Salt-N-Pepa, e.g.


TRIO as a noun:

1. (three, 3, III, trio, threesome, tierce, leash, troika, triad, trine, trinity, ternary, ternion, triplet, tercet, terzetto, trey, deuce-ace) = the cardinal number that is the sum of one and one and one
2. a musical composition for three performers
3. three performers or singers who perform together
4. (trio, triad, triplet, triple) = a set of three similar things considered as a unit
5. (trio, threesome, triad, trinity) = three people considered as a unit