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Std. (3 letter answer)

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The answer REG is common and appears about once every 225 puzzles.

Related Clues

Agcy. issuance
Avg. size
Avg., sizewise
Brief rule
Bylaw, briefly
Bylaw, for short
Col.'s command
Command of a col.
Military gp.
Not spec.
Ordinance: Abbr.
Part of a div.
Pump abbr.
Quick rule?
Rule: Abbr.
Rule, briefly
Abbr. on a gas pump
Certain P.O. mail
Coffee order: Abbr.
Elton John nickname
Gas pump abbr.
Gas station abbr.
Gasoline choice: Abbr.
Govt. agency creation
I.C.C. issuance: Abbr.
Kind of gas: Abbr.
Place to dep. cash
Pump option: Abbr.
Suit size: Abbr.
___ U.S. Pat. Off.
Desert region of shifting sands
Like some gas: Abbr.
Like some mail: Abbr.
Not long or short: Abbr.
It's less than premium: Abbr.
Lower-priced gas option: Abbr.
Lowest-priced gas grade: Abbr.