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Capote, familiarly (3 letter answer)

The Answer




The answer TRU is common and appears about once every 275 puzzles.

Related Clues

Capote, to friends
Capote nickname
Capote, to pals
Capote, for short
1989 Broadway melodrama
1989 Broadway monodrama
1989 one-man show
College board mem.
Har-___ (tennis surface)
Har-___ (tennis court surface)
Morse role on Broadway
Play about Capote
Robert Morse play
1989-90 Broadway play
1989 one-man Broadway drama
1989 play about Capote
1990 Broadway biographical play
1990 Broadway one-man play
1990 one-man Broadway show
Broadway hit about Capote
Broadway play about Capote
Broadway show re Capote
B'way role for Robert Morse
___ V (Time Warner channel)
Hit 1989 biographical play
One-man Broadway hit of 1990
Morse Tony-winning role
Robert Morse stage role
Robert Morse theater role
1990 Robert Morse Broadway role
One-man Robert Morse play, 1990
Robert Morse title role on Broadway
Robert Morse Tony-winning role
Robert Morse tour de force
Tony-winning Robert Morse role